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Mission Statement of Aichi University of Education

Fundamental Principles of Aichi University of Education

Aichi University of Education recognizes its role as a center of learning with commitments to quality and excellence in teaching, scholarship, research in specific disciplines, comprehensive and in-depth liberal arts education, and general cultivation of wide-ranging judgment and full and harmonious humanity. Recalling the principles of, inter alia, the Constitution of Japan, the Fundamental Law of Education of Japan and the UNESCO World Declaration on Higher Education for the Twenty-First Century: Vision and Action, the university declares on 16 April 2003 that its universal mission is, through instruction and scholarly inquiry, to contribute to world peace, human welfare, and the advancement of arts, culture and sciences.

Aichi University of Education, a national university community of undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff, as well as students, faculty and staff of its affiliated schools, with ensured autonomy and self-government, hereby states and makes public its educational and research objectives, as well as its administrative policy in order to achieve its mission as an institution of higher education.

Educational Objectives

Aichi University of Education seeks to prepare its students to contribute to international peace and prosperity.

The university values liberal arts education in undergraduate programs. Through its diverse teacher education programs, the university seeks to train qualified teachers who will educate children for the advancement of a peaceful future society. Through its arts and sciences programs, the university offers comprehensive as well as specialized learning and training opportunities, in preparation for diverse lives committed to the prosperity of society and the preservation and creation of cultural heritage.

The graduate school seeks to build on the foundation of undergraduate studies and provide extensive training in upgrading competence as specialists in school education. Through advanced academic programs in diverse disciplines as well as applied sciences in education, it aims to develop theoretical and applied expertise as professional educators. A further mission of the graduate school is to offer in-service training for enhancement of quality in teacher education.

Research Objectives

Aichi University of Education seeks to contribute to the creation and advancement of science and culture by producing excellent scientific and creative results through research in the areas of educational sciences, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, arts, health and physical education, domestic science, technology, and applied sciences in education. By the dissemination of its research results, Aichi University of Education contributes to building a peaceful and prosperous future for humankind and an environmentally sustainable future society.

Fundamental Policies: Research and Education

1. Academic Freedom and Autonomy

Aichi University of Education ensures academic freedom with confidence that research in science, arts and humanities created out of free will contributes to world peace and the sustainable development and improvement of society. In full awareness of its educational responsibilities to the whole nation, Aichi University of Education, endowed with institutional autonomy, provides, without unlawful interference, creative and critical perspectives on society.

2. Contribution to International Peace and the Benefit of Humanity

Aichi University of Education contributes to world peace, the benefit of humanity and the advancement of arts, sciences and culture through promotion of basic and applied research, as well as interdisciplinary areas of research with long-term orientations.

3. Advancement of Education and Research for Teacher Education

Aichi University of Education promotes academic activities designed for teacher education by combining diverse disciplines in human development and pedagogical methodology, as well as scholarship in educational practice and in-service training with the aim of training teachers with professional skills and autonomous minds.

4. Advancement of International Academic Exchange

Aichi University of Education promotes academic co-operation with other institutions of higher education at home and abroad, and by enhancing international programs and exchange of students, contributes to the improvement of education and cultural progression in Asia and throughout the world.

5. Public Accountability and Contribution to Society

Aichi University of Education strives to be fully responsible and accountable to society through public information and public relations, and by constantly responding to the voices of communities, nations and global society. In co-operation with educational and wider communities, by serving the needs of society by providing relevant expertise, it contributes to the progress of society.

Administrative Policy

1. Democratic Administration

Aichi University of Education is committed to democratic administration, ensuring participation of all of its members, in their respective roles, in the activities consistent with its objectives.

The members of the university, while respecting one another's undertakings for the enhancement of academic autonomy, seek collegiality in the community.

2. Student Participation

Aichi University of Education endorses students' pursuits of scholarship and guarantees their participation in assessment activities for improvement of educational provision and services.

3. Maintenance and Improvement of Research and Educational Environment

Aichi University of Education seeks to conserve and utilize its rich natural environment. At the same time, it is committed to the proper upkeep and improvement of its campus facilities and environment, as well as making them more accessible to the challenged.

4. Self-Assessment, Evaluation and Improvement

Aichi University of Education is committed to constant improvement in education and research through self-assessment and evaluation, which reflects its objectives.

5. Respect for Human Rights

Every member of Aichi University of Education respects the fundamental human rights and the equality of the sexes, and is committed to the proscription of any form of human rights abuse such as discrimination and oppression.