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This emblem, featuring kakitsubata (rabbit-eared iris), was designed by Professor Yutaka Takehara (presently professor emeritus). The purple flower has been a feature of this region from ancient times. The university is close to Yatsuhashi, Mikawa (presently Yatsuhashi-cho, Chiryu), the setting of the famous Azuma-kudari (travel down to East ) episode of Ise Monogatari. Adjoining the campus is Kotsuzumi Nishi Ike, a nationally-protected habitat of irises in profusion, which bloom gregariously in the latter half of May. It is one of the three natural iris habitats in the country, the other two being Ohta-no-Sawa (Kyoto) and Karakawa, Iwami-cho (Tottori).

The loop around the iris in the emblem symbolizes the harmonious circle of the nature-loving students, faculty and staff of the university. The flower pattern is usable as the emblem by itself. The English name of the university in the loop shows unity between the sign and the import.