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2015年1月21日 留学生によるグローバル授業を開催




今回は米国ボールステート大学からの留学生のJohnson Callie Renee(ジョンソン・カリー・レニー)さんがアラスカの生活と文化について話しました。アラスカはカリーさんの第二の故郷とも言えるところです。以下は,プレゼンテーションの概略とカリーさんからみなさんへのメッセージです。

Hi there everyone! I am very happy to have been able to share about my own culture during this past session of Global Jugyo! The topic that I presented on is Alaskan culture, which is a topic that I think many students here may not know much about. I have lived in Alaska during each summer of my life since I was born because my family works in Alaska’s fishing industry. I have had the experience of working in this industry along with living in two very small and remote Alaskan towns, and I think that the lifestyle of Alaskans is extremely different from the lifestyle of other Americans. I am very happy to have been able to share about my experiences in Alaska with AUE students, and hope that they were able to learn new information about Alaska. Along with sharing about my experiences I also presented on some famous locations and aspects of Alaska, such as Aurora viewing in the winter and Alaskan Native culture. I really hope students were able to learn a bit more about Alaska from my presentation, and I had a lot of fun presenting on this topic! Thank you very much for this opportunity!

(日本語教育講座 教授 稲葉みどり)